Dolphin Customer Service recognised in Practical Motorhome Magazine

The following letter from Sheila Ratcliffe of Coventry was published in the August 2011 edition of Practical Motorhome:

I've owned a caravan from new for the last nine years and had considered changing to a motorhome several times, but always ended up talking myself out of it.

Then something that happened to my neighbours changed my mind. They were touring in Bournemouth and returned to the van one morning to a strong smell of gas. They spoke to Dolphin Motorhomes in Southampton and explained the problem.

Although the dealership was busy, and it hadn't supplied the van to my neighbours, the technician asked them to come straight over. My neighbours said he couldn't have been more helpful. The technician found the gas leak and fixed the problem, tested the system to ensure it was safe and fully explained what he'd done.

When they told me about this I arranged an appointment to see some vans, even though the dealership is a couple of hours from my home. A kind lady called Cheryl spent four hours showing me around all of the suitable models and was patient, listening to all my requirements. In the end I bought a 2008 Auto-Trail Tracker EKS.

When Cheryl asked me how I'd heard of Dolphin I explained the story of my neighbours gas leak and how grateful they were. Cheryl disapearred only to return with the MD Josh Willis, who handed me a cheque for £50 to give my neighbours - part of Dolphin's customer-referral policy.

Since taking delivery of the Tracker EKS back in March, and despite having had an excellent handover, I've had several queries and a couple of teething problems. However, Dolphin have answered these with the same 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude that both myself and my neighbours experienced from day one.

Date created: 12 Sep 2011