Bailey Approach 620 SE - Sold

Location: Dolphin Dorset
Year: 2012
Chassis: Peugeot
Engine: 2.2 HDI Manual
Mileage: 15,956 miles
Berths / Seatbelts: 2 (2 Seatbelts)
External Colour: Silver
Vehicle Weight: 3500 Kg
Layout: Rear Kitchen
Roof Profile: Lowline (low profile)
Conversion Type: Coachbuilt
Vehicle Ref: WU12EXB
Price: £34,995


Dimensions, Measurements & Capacities

7'11" (2.41 M)
19'7" (5.97 M)
8'10" (2.69 M)
Max User Payload
718 Kg
Max Towing Weight
2000 Kg
Fresh Water Tank Capacity
100 Litres
Waste Water Tank Capacity
100 Litres
Gas Bottle Storage
1x6kg 1x13kg
Bed Sizes Width Length
Front Double 5'1" (1.54 M) 7'4" (2.24 M)
Front Nearside Single 2'5" (0.73 M) 6'11" (2.1 M)
Front Offside Single 2'5" (0.73 M) 6'4" (1.93 M)


2012 Bailey Approach 620 SE Used Coachbuilt motorhome for sale in Dolphin Dorset UK. This model is 2 berth with 2 seatbelts. 2.2 HDI engine with Manual transmission.


Swift Sundance 530LP Low-Line (2012)
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