Taking Care of Your Motorhome Checklist

The following points will be beneficial in preserving your motorhome, if you would like more information please see our Customer Motorhome Care Guide.

  1. Ensure water heater is drained prior to any frost. Leave the drain plug undone until refilling. Drain water tank. Leave drain valves open.
  2. All motorhomes should have the ‘habitation’ area serviced annually. This involves a damp check, inspection of fridges, electrics and burners, etc., including gas pressure test.
  3. Household cleaners, detergents or bleaches must not be used on shower trays, washbasins, sinks, etc. as some plastics could be affected by them. (Some manufacturers advise that only lemon juice should be used for cleaning.) If in doubt, it is advisable to consult the manufacturer.
  4. Always ensure awnings are pegged down and only used when the weather is fair. Avoid using in wet and windy weather.
  5. External doors and lockers must be oiled regularly to avoid ceasing. Rectification can be expensive.
  6. If the vehicle is 'laid up' through winter, it is advantageous to run the engine occasionally or preferably to drive it for a few miles using the brakes frequently.
  7. Leave all blinds in the 'up' position to avoid tension loss.
  8. Grease corner steadies.
  9. Isolate second/leisure battery.
  10. Check engine anti-freeze concentration level.
  11. Turbo Diesels: do not switch off the engine immediately after stopping, especially after high-speed motoring. Allow to idle for a few moments first. An occasional flat-out burst, far from doing harm, will bring the turbo waste gate into use and keep it free in operation.
  12. European mains electricity supplies are not polarity conscious, therefore it is possible to have your van effectively 'wired' up the wrong way. Always check the supply from the internal sockets with a polarity tester.
  13. Do not travel with gas turned on. Make it a habit to turn off the gas at the gas bottle, thus ensuring no appliances are left alight.
  14. Devise a system to remind you to wind up corner steadies, unplug mains and retract the step and ensure any awning is properly retracted.
  15. When armed, an alarm causes a drain on the battery. In some cases, a flat battery has been experienced after just two weeks. Therefore, it may be necessary to recharge the engine battery periodically or run the motorhome more frequently.